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What is “Edible Fragrance”, Morris?

What is “Edible Fragrance”, Morris?

REINA introduces a new and unique product from Japan. Morris is for you!

Fashion designer Chie Imai has developed a new product under the aegis of her brand CHIE IMAI. While other fashion designers have undertaken brand extension by producing a signature fragrance, Chie Imai has designed and produced an “edible fragrance” which is a vodka-like spirit, Japanese in origin and nature. Morris is a distilled spirit made from the sweet potatoes of southern Japan.

The product is made from the “Kogane Sengan” species of sweet potato grown in Kagoshima Japan. Kagoshima has a rich tradition of more than 500 years in producing quality Shochu. Kogane Sengan has a unique family tree. It is a mixture of species that include Japanese, Indonesian and American plants. The name reflects the fact the skin colour of the sweet potatoes is golden. Kagoshima is located in southern Japan on Kyushu Island. The volcanic soils of Kyushu have long been optimal to produce delicious sweet potatoes.

Chie Imai’s passion in developing Morris was to make something unique and distinguished from her birth place. She discovered Hamada, a small hand crafted distillery and decided to collaborate with them to produce a distinct product of exceptional quality. Morris is now available in Japan and was subsequently introduced in New York City where its unique and distinguished flavour is enjoyed by many.

The name Morris was chosen to commemorate the father of the designer. Morris’ own father Takeji was born in Kagoshima. He crossed the Pacific Ocean in 1906 and landed in Northern California where he cultivated some of the first domestic short grain rice in the United States. Morris was born in California. He grew up watching his father’s frontier sprit and determination.

Morris’ family eventually returned to Japan and to Kagoshima. Morris was a leader who was proud to introduce many fresh ideas from the west. It was his unrealized dream to develop a local brand of Shochu. Chie Imai succeeded in producing the product that her father Morris had dreamed of. She is determined and driven in the same way that Morris was. It took her many years to produce what she wanted to bring to market and to find just the right distillery to do that.

Morris has a delicious light taste, similar to other vodkas. It has been described as having a woody and flowery top note, with very limited aftertaste. It is a refreshing and delicious drink.

Enjoy the “Edible Fragrance” Shochu, Morris!

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