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About us

Who We Are

Japan in the nineteen seventies was still a relatively traditional country dominated by men. Most women at that time still worked within the household raising families. This was an era when global travel was in its infancy and the age of international contact for most people in our country was just beginning. Out of this context four women who saw the world a little bit differently came together and started an import and export company. Their calling was to bring unique consumer items to Japan and in doing so, introduce the outside world to Japan. The women who founded this company named and branded it “REINA” which in Spanish means Queen.

What We Do

Imagine colorful pottery from around the Mediterranean and flavorful saffron from southeast Asia and Europe. These are but a few of the products that have made their way to the shelves of our storerooms. Since the first days that REINA was involved in international trade and commerce, our search has been to meet extraordinary people, craftsmen and entrepreneurs. Thousands of their unique crafts and fine goods have crossed the oceans and found their way into Japanese homes.

REINA works with people dedicated to making the lives of others better. The energy and passion of the craftsmen we work with go into all of the items that they produce. Our task is to bring these items to you. We are thrilled to see our customers when they are satisfied and happy with what we discover and share.

Our mission remains unchanged. We bring our innovative discoveries and products to you.


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