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Seller’s name: REINA LIMITED

Representative: Chiaki Imai, President & CEO

Seller’s address
Sun Selco Building 3rd Floor
1-1-1 Watanabedori
Chuo-ku, Fukuoka
Japan 810-0004

Seller’s phone number: REINA CUSTOMER CARE

092.781.7015 (within Japan) or +81.92.781.7015

Business hours: 09:00 – 18:00 JST
(except for Sat, Sunday and public holidays and New Years holidays)

Selling price: We will indicate the selling price per product.

Fees other than payment for purchased products
POD fee

Credit card                  Free
Bank remittance     Applicable bank fees
POD                                 Applicable POD fees
Delivery charge    Within Japan 500JPY flat rate
Free for a purchase of at or over 9800JPY

How to order
Proceed to the purchase screen from “Shopping cart” in the screen of the product details. Members are required to log in first.

Payment method : Credit card or bank remittance
(Credit card)

(Bank remittance)

(POD – Payable On Delivery)

Payment due date:


Return and refund policy:


Privacy Policy

Please refer to “Privacy Policy”

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