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WOOCS 2.2.5


Julienne carrots and tuna with zesty garlic vinaigrette

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Ingredients Carrot 1 large Garlic 1 clove Tuna(non-oil tuna) 1 can Olive oil(Oro del Desierto) 3 tablespoon Vinegar 1... Continue reading

Summer Comfort 2… Cold soup with yam and lotus root!

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RECIPE FOR TWO 100 g ・・・・・Lotus root 100 g ・・・・・Yam 200 cc ・・・・Chicken broth as needed ・・・Salt and pepper... Continue reading

Summer Comfort Foods! Japanese Cold Udon Noodle Wasabi Source with Oro del Desierto

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Ingredients for one person: * 1 sheet of seaweed paper * 1 tbsp roasted sesame seeds * 1 tsp soy sauce * 1... Continue reading

Steamed veggies with a splash of Oro del Desierto!

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Ingredients (for 2-3 persons): Cauliflower・・・・1/2 Asparagus・・・・4-5 Potatoes・・・・2-3 (Medium size) Salt・・・・As needed Oro del Desert Organic Olive Oil・・・・As needed Directions:... Continue reading