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WOOCS 2.2.5


REINA is a legally incorporated import and export company headquartered in Fukuoka, Japan.

Minimum Requirements:

  • You must be legally able to work in Japan. We do not sponsor your visa. Working holiday visa with more than 8 months is acceptable for our part-time positions.
  • Strong command of English and Japanese languages is required. Preference is given to candidates who are proficient in English, Japanese and/or other language(s).
  • Basic computer word-processing skills such as Word, Excel, Power Point.
  • Flexible to relocate for temporary assignments within Japan and other countries.

Working Conditions:

We offer a competitive benefits package for our full time employees. Interviews will be given to the candidates on our short list. Successful candidates for full-time positions will be invited to the company indoctrination training and placed on probation for a six month period. We recognize university degrees from around the world. We are accepting resumes for the following positions:

Customer Service

Sales Associates

Preference will be given to candidates who have two or more years of experience in customer service. Strong communication skills required. Sales  Associates will be assigned to our retail shop or to sell to retailers.

Administrative and Professional Positions

Product Developers

Product Developers study and research the latest trends in local and international trade. The Product Developers elaborate new products for our customers.

IT Technicians

Information technology (IT) Technicians maintain computer systems,  provide technical support and assist our employees with the basic skills they need to operate software programs. The Technicians also plan and develop the future technology needs of the company.

Administration Assistants

Administration Assistants support Administration Managers in the daily operations of the company. Knowledge of accounting, international trade and  English language are required for this position.

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