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The Best Organic Olive Oil in the World?

REINA selected Oro Del Desierto for its aroma, flavour and, needless to say, its quality. We also love the idea of farm production processes that are totally organic!

The acidity level has to be lower than 0.8% for an oil to be considered as “extra virgin olive oil”. Oro Del Desierto has exceeded that level even further. This product lowered it’s level of acidity to below 0.1%. The product can almost be considered to be a drinkable olive wine! The aroma and flavour of this oil are second to none.

Oro Del Desierto olive oil is produced on a family farm known as “El Vicario”, located in the valley below Sierra Filabres. The orchards include 25,000 olive trees in addition to grape vines and almond trees. Four different types of olives are currently in production there: Arbequina, Hojiblanca, Lechin and Picual olive varieties.

Every harvest season, each variety of olive is harvested at the moment it reaches its optimum peak of freshness. All the olives are cold pressed the same day they are harvested. Yes, they are hand picked and then cold pressed right away! The harvested olives are never stored and they are never transported offsite. They are pressed into oil on the same farm in which they grew.

After cold pressing the olives, waste products are all recycled for use as fertilizer for the trees and food for the sheep. Pits are used to generate thermal energy to run the mill. The whole closed cycle that produces the Extra Virgin Olive Oil is managed by the very farmers who grow the olives.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil contains polyphenols, Vitamin E and the other natural antioxidants. Studies show that it lowers cholesterol, blood pressure and the risk of cancer.

REINA staff communicate directly with the seventh owner of the farm, RAFAEL ALONSO AGUILERA, S.L. We transport their freshly bottled products by air on a regular basis to maintain product freshness. REINA currently offers oil made from Arbequina, Coupage and Picual varieties of olive.

Olive oil is similar to fine wine in a number of ways. Each year the taste is different depending on the climate and growing conditions. While the taste of wine improves with age, olive oil can lose its aroma and flavour with the passage of time. Subscribe to our membership and enjoy the benefits of fresh Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil before your bottle runs dry!

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