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Steamed or boiled Broccoli and sauteed garlic


It is addictive! Ingredients for 3-4 people ・Broccoli :1 (medium to large size) ・Garlic    :1clove ・Ponzu source :As needed ・Salt    :As needed ・Black papper:As needed ・Extra Virgin Olive Oil:Generous amount Directions: 1. Sauteed sliced garlic with ORO DEL DESIERTO, extra virgin olive oil。 2. Cut the broccoli into bite size pieces.Boil or steam the […]

Toasted Mochi drizzled with Novello 1/10 Extra Virgin Olive Oil


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Mochi is one of the essential elements in Japanese traditional New Year’s food. REINA made a little tweak on the popular toasted Mochi recipe with the award winning taste, ORO DEL DESIERTO Novello 1/10. Our recipe is posted on our social media. Please take a look! Ingredients: ORO DEL DESIERTO Novello 1/10 (Seasonal limited time […]

Avocado and red radish salad


Cut an avocado and a couple of red radishes in half. Slice them in thick cuts. Place them on a white plate as if they dance. Drizzle Oro del Desierto 1/10. Sprinkle sea salt, rock salt or soy source if you like! Oro del Desierto nuvo 1/10 extra virgin organic olive oil – 2022

Simple Spinach Tomato Salad with Greek Feta


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All you need is just to toss your favorite veggies in a large bowl.  We use spinach, tomatoes and Greek feta.  If you have a bottle or a can of Oro del Desierto Extra Virgin Olive Oil at home.  It is a bonus! Simply toss washed spinach leaves and chopped tomatoes. Slice a chunk of […]

Oro del Desierto participates in the Exhibition Of Andalucia in April 20th!


We are thrilled to announce that Oro del Desierto participates in the Exhibition of Andalucia held by the Agency of Andalucia on April 20th, 2022 in Tokyo Hotel New Otani.  Please come and join us to taste our fresh olive oils from Andalucia, Spain!  You are required to register online at the following URL link […]

It’s an olive oil version of “Beaujolais Nouveau”!


It is literally an olive oil version of “Beaujolais Nouveau”. Oro del Desierto provides residents of Japan with this cream of the crop, premier extra virgin olive oil. More than 10kg/1litre of fresh green olives are cold pressed into the stylish bottle. The product has just arrived in Japan in December by air. Try this […]

Maintenance Notice


Thank you for shopping at REINALTD.COM. We will be undertaking maintenance on our website from October 14th at 15:00 UTC until October 16th 15:00 UTC. You will be unable to shop on our website during the period. We apologize for any inconvenience. We can still accept your order by telephone. If you would like to […]

Recipe with Extra Virgin Olive Oil! Chocolate Gateau for Valentines Day!


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<Ingredients for 15 cm sauce pan> Baking chocolate of good quality … 65 g Extra Virgin Olive Oil by Oro del Desierto … 50 g Egg yolks … x2 Sugar or alternate … 50 g Whip cream … 50 g Brandy … 1 g Flour … 18 g Coco Power …40 g Egg whites … […]

A huge steak and a generous amount of fresh olive oil!


Let us introduce a very simple recipe, which you need only three (3) ingredients! Ingredients| A piece of steak (The bigger, the better!) A bunch of asparagus (As any as you would like) A generous amount of Coupage from Oro del Desierto(Arbequina goes well too) Recipe| 1) Grill asparagus first on a brill or a […]