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Oro del Desierto Novello 1/10 *98th Limited Edition – extra virgin organic olive oil 2023

Product Information Olive Oil

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Production: Cold extraction 2 phases. Only with early harvested olives, 95% still green. First week of harvest in October.

Number of bottles: 8000 units world wide.

Formats: 500ml customized bottle, individual box packaging for every bottle to protect it from light.

Varieties: Arbequina 40% and Picual 60%

Zone of production: Finca el Vicario, Desierto de Tabernas (Almería) Spain.

Flavour / Taste: Dark green cloudy colour, typical from the unfiltered fresh olive oil**. Its aroma is exceptionally intense and fresh with notes of green grass, tomato, apple and almond. Astringent flavour with bitter and spicy touches which will be less intense as the oil changes and decants during the first weeks. Good balance between aroma and flavour, the 2 varieties combined for this blend make a perfect combination.

Recommendations for use: Pair this oil with fresh goat cheese, green salads, sauces, tomato and garlic salads, toast or just simply put it on a dish and dip it with bread.

** The 2023 Edition of the 1/10 product is filtered.

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Oro del Desierto new limited edition “Oro del Desierto 1/10”.  1/10 conceptualizes 2 premises absolutely necessary to obtain Premium early harvest olive oils:

1. This olive oil is the first oil (1) obtained in October (month nº 10) when the olives are still green.

2. Approximately 10 kg of fresh harvested olives are necessary to obtain 1 Litre of this premium quality (1L/10kg = 1/10)

1/10 is a seasonal product which can’t be found at other times of the year. Once the oil decants in the bottle it becomes Oro del Desierto normal range and can be used in the same way.

Because this is a limited edition fresh extracted oil we recommend it be used cold for dressings or to dip with bread to enjoy its many properties. During the first 6 – 8 months the oil will remain cloudy because it is an unfiltered product. Subsequently the oil will decant and the natural olive sediment will sink. The oil will remain fresh and delicious for 18 – 24 months from the production date but we recommend that you not wait to enjoy the wonderful taste.

Additional information

Limited production. No production until next season.

Weight .5 kg

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  1. Absolutely fabulous extra virgin olive oil!

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