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Holiday Special Price! Free shipping! Edible Fragrance MORRIS – x 2 bottles

Product Information Holiday Seasons Gifts, Shochu

  • 2 x 720 ml bottles without a gift box
  • 25% alcohol by volume
  • Made from sweet potatoes, rice koji
Please note, orders may only be shipped to addresses in Japan, either to a residence, business address, or hotel, or to the Reina retail store, or affiliated stores in Japan, where orders can be picked up

¥ 5,900 (tax included)




MORRIS is an authentic, handcrafted Japanese sweet potato shochu (Kogane Sengan) made in the Kagoshima Prefecture. Delicate fragrance with a deep, rich, smooth, flavour, makes Morris Shochu a pleasure to drink.

Nestled in a beautifully designed single bottle box.

This Vodka like spirit was designed and produced by the designer brand CHIE IMAI.  Rather than come up with a scented fragrance, CHIE IMAI chose to develop an edible product.  Try this unique “edible” fragrance that we know as  MORRIS!


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Weight 1.5 kg


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